Google Review
I just want to say that Wheaton Water Wells came through for my family and I. I had been without water for a couple of days and trying to get someone out to my place to see why I had no water. They were all already booked and could not get to me for weeks. I called Wheaton and they were also busy. They had other clients with the same problem of no water. One of the well techs picked up listened to me and said the front desk gal will hat back with me in about an hour, they needed to get things figured out with all the calls coming in. The front desk gal called back under an hour and told me they could get to me that evening. I was so relieved and even put my fishing trip to Seward on hold for one day. I did not expect them to get to me the same day, but they came through. When the tech arrived, he found the problem superfast and checked pressures on the well and tank and fixed the issue. In half an hour, my house had running water. The tech was super great and went straight to work, and I can’t be more thankful! These people were kind and very professional. Highly recommend to anyone needing their type of services!