I did not have a chance to do business with them but I did call to ask them questions and they were extremely knowledgeable. They answered everything I needed and more helpful and courteous.

Colin Harrington

Call these guys. Water went out first thing in the morning. Called this outfit, and they were here fast. They were friendly and very happy to work with me. Got my water going very fast in and out in 10 minutes highly highly recommended this company.

Travis Atkinson
Google Maps Review

Great service on a short notice call out.

Google Maps Review

This is a thank-you note for incredible service. I talked with you a few hours ago. You sent 2 techs to my house. While troubleshooting the electrical system for the pump, they saw a flash as the circuit breaker was reset. They spotted a flash behind visqueen stapled to my wall near my water tank. The builder of this house in 1996 apparently put a staple through the power wires for the pump. And it took until today to become a problem.

I have been a technician since 1982, USAF aircraft crew chief, auto tech, now Civil Service WG10. My point is I know good techs and I know great techs. Those 2 guys you sent to my house today are in the great category. I can't thank you enough. This might have saved my house from burning down.

Tim Kinsey

We had a wonderful experience working with them to get our new well drilled!

Ashleigh Maciel
Google Review

Amazing!!! So impressed with this company!! The day after Thanksgiving we had water pump issues. After calling everyone listed in the valley, Wheaton water wells is the only call back we received. A huge thanks to Seth for coming out on a holiday weekend to fix our problem! Seth was very professional & new almost instantly what was wrong.

Komisa Schwartzel

I rarely give 5 stars, but Wheaton did me more than right! Our pump house burned down on a Saturday afternoon (generator fire) and these guys had us fully operational 22 hours after making a call! I highly, highly recommend this company!

Njord Rota
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We were having some well issues, and they came within 2 hours of the call. Everything was working great by the time they left.

Erika Douglass
Google Review

I really appreciate the expedience and professionalism of Wheaton. I live in Nelchina and was very pleased to find that they could respond to my problem so quickly. I would recommend Wheaton without hesitation to anyone.

Google Review

Very professional and quick response. Cost came under what i was being quoted from other pump services. Overall very good experience.

Daniel Olive
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I couldn’t be happier with the service that I received from Wheaton Water Wells. We returned home from a family vacation to find that we had no water running in our house. What could’ve been a very stressful situation was quickly remedied by the professionals at Wheaton. I left a message on Sunday morning (home emergencies always happen on the weekends!) and a truck was in my driveway at 8:15 on Monday morning ready to fix problem. By noon, all new wiring and a brand new well pump were installed and ready to go! We had water back! Thank you! I would recommend your business to anyone!

Kelly O’Malley

Great company, very professional.

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Brandy Berdeaux
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They will go out of their way to help get you fixed up! I had problems with my slow well system and they got it working smoothly.

Reuben Sonneberg
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Wheaton Water Wells drills all of our wells for the houses we build and they do a fantastic job! They are very good at working with us and our other contractors to get the job done well and on time and they stand by their work. We love working with them and recommend them to anyone that needs a well drilled!

Rebecca Gamble

Great people fantastic service.

Brandon Moore

After our contractor put a well in the driveway of our new home, Brian and his team came in and drilled a new well. They moved the water/power lines to the new well and buried the old well. They took care of us on time and on budget. They made a painful situation more bearable. Thanks guys!

David Roper

Great help when I needed it.

Kenny Gallahorn

We had a well pump failure over a weekend. Called them on a Monday and they were able to come out same day. Brian was easy to work with and answered any questions I had. He replaced our pump and updated our tubing and electrical (for the well) for a very reasonable price. Highly recommend!

Jesse H
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These guys are so good it is almost beyond belief. Came out today (8 degrees) pulled our well pipe, fixed a frayed wire, back up and working in 2 hours. And reasonable!! Thank you.

Ron Otte

Spoke with them about installing a well on a property. They were very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I got all the information I needed and then some. I would highly recommend this business to anyone in need of their services.

Douglas Rahfaldt
Google Review

Very helpful and asked a lot of questions over the phone to make sure they could help us. (They made sure not to waste our time and money which i appreciate) Had to have pipe replaced and their guys were very professional and efficient. Would highly recommend if you are having water issues.

Andrea Gunnell
Google Review

I just want to say that Wheaton Water Wells came through for my family and I. I had been without water for a couple of days and trying to get someone out to my place to see why I had no water. They were all already booked and could not get to me for weeks. I called Wheaton and they were also busy. They had other clients with the same problem of no water. One of the well techs picked up listened to me and said the front desk gal will hat back with me in about an hour, they needed to get things figured out with all the calls coming in. The front desk gal called back under an hour and told me they could get to me that evening. I was so relieved and even put my fishing trip to Seward on hold for one day. I did not expect them to get to me the same day, but they came through. When the tech arrived, he found the problem superfast and checked pressures on the well and tank and fixed the issue. In half an hour, my house had running water. The tech was super great and went straight to work, and I can’t be more thankful! These people were kind and very professional. Highly recommend to anyone needing their type of services!

Christine Heath
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